Inevitable Change - book design


In the rhythm of our daily strides we often miss what’s in front of our eyes, everything feels the same, as we pass them by.

But everything slowly changes, the changes in this book happen per hour, per day, and per week. The changes are small. Not every change is being captured by humans.

Changes can happen through chance encounters, human interaction, or interferences of nature. Watch everything change slowly, with the inevitable change that comes with a world that is in motion, and a life that is always in commotion.

This book focuses on the often overlooked subtle changes that many don’t pay attention to, but which hold great value. The purpose of the publication is to help readers recognize subtle transformations by emphasizing and building upon familiar settings.

Picture 1 and 6 by Manouk Grootaarts & picture 2, 4 and 5 by Yaël Noij 


Tuesday Oct 5 2021